Emon is a fantastical world where kings, nobles, wizards, knights, merchants, rogues, assassins, enchanters, and much much more are common place. Magic and enchantments are a part of life. Well at least for the well-to-do and powerful.

The large Tilean Sea to the west and a great Stormcrest mountain rage to the east for the borders Emon. Several rivers from the bay that cuts into the center of Emon and flow into the land. Plains of grassy rolling hills share the land between the Tilean Sea and the Stormcrest mountains with great forest, wide lakes, and the rugged expanse of the wastelands. Swamps and muggy marshes lines some of the rivers.

Major Cities


The oldest city in Emon. We built by the first settlers who crossed the Tilean Sea.


The largest city in Emon. A place known for trade and culture.

Barak Var:

A heavily fortified city that has much historical ties with the Cataclysm.

Free Marches:

The largest city in the frontier region of Emon, The Moot. This city was established by merchants wishing to gather in untapped riches of the quarries at the southen end of the Stormcrest mountains and those wishing to find what dwells beyoung the tormcrest mountains. 


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